About Us

SacraSage Press publishes quality books that explore themes of spiritual importance in the service of wisdom. The press publishes Academic, Fiction, and Non-fiction books across the globe. 

The press began in 2010 with the goal of publishing books others consider too ideologically or financially risky. SacraSage continues in this tradition, making available content that otherwise might not be in print.

SacraSage Press appreciates its authors and the support of those who buy its books.

Why SacraSage?

Authors publish with SacraSage because we offer an alternative publishing experience designed for emerging, established, and non-traditional authors. 

SacraSage gives authors creative control on covers, formatting, timing, endorsements, and more. While other presses offer authors 10% of book sales or less, SacraSage teaches authors how to earn 40-50% of sales. The press offers the same level of professional support as a traditional press, while providing authors control of their copyrights, higher revenue, and shorter timelines.

To make the books available as inexpensively as possible, SacraSage relies on online printers and distributors. The press uses minimal administrative overhead and places promotion in the hands of those who know the book best: the author. Our one-on-one support means authors feel cared for and their concerns heard.


SacraSage Academic

Academic books undergo a scholarly peer-review process prior to publication. We publish scholarly books in the Studies in Open and Relational Theology Series and books more generally that promote the common good.


We publish personal narratives, spiritual narratives, and works of wisdom aligned with an open and relational theological perspective. These books undergo an in-house editorial review process.


We publish stories that promote love, transformation, relationality, and other positive themes. SacraSage Fiction books undergo an in-house editorial review process.

International Publications

While English-language books are sold around the world, SacraSage also publishes books in languages other than English. To explore the possibilities of foreign language publications, contact our production editor at [email protected].

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